Why flakes or chips for garage floors?

There are many options for concrete flooring. Some garage floor companies can opt for the most pocket-
friendly option without thinking about the quality. This can be because of the people who use their
business premises such as their employees.

The problem is that some cheap options may not last long. Epoxy coating is much better since it
can withstand a lot of traffic, and also has a modern look. Here are some reasons why you need
to choose flakes or floor chips.

1. Hides imperfections

Most trades try their best to create presentable floors that are free from imperfections.
However, sometimes something might be trapped on the floor during the construction process.
It might even be a piece of dirt or an air bubble.

Epoxy coating is awesome since it hides such mess leaving your floor attractive. Such
imperfections might not be a big deal in a garage. However, having a perfect flooring coating on
a business premise creates a better impression. It’s high time to hide those little messes.

2. Aesthetics

Are you thinking of modern looks in your business or home? The first impression speaks
millions about your business or home. There’s no doubt that this is among the reasons why
customers choose certain companies over others. Don’t ignore the little details. They can make
you seal or lose big deals.

Epoxy coating with chips creates an excellent finishing that’s appealing to the eye thanks to the
attractive colour flakes. Besides protecting your floor, it makes your garage fancier. Avoid
leaving your floor bare because you think no one is interested in seeing it.

Chip flooring has an interesting way of speaking to your visitors about who you are and what
you can do.

3. Multi-coloured options

If you love matching colours on the floor, you might be thinking about gray or black flakes.
With chipped epoxy flooring, you can get many colour options. You can opt for blue, red, white,
tan, green, yellow, and more. In a nutshell, the epoxy coating offers you a variety of choices
compared to other options. In saying that, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the black, white and gray combination. These flake floors always look the best and are most affordable. 

4. Durability

A place that can easily get cracks and holes in the garage area due to traffic and activities
involved. It would help if you had a strong flooring option to do this. Flakes can save you a great
deal because they are known to be strong. However, there have been some misconceptions
about epoxy.

Some people think that you must recoat your coating after every few years of using it. Epoxy
lasts long, depending on maintenance and usage. If you clean the floor regularly, it will help it
last longer. For this reason, your concrete floor needs adequate preparation by a professional.
First up the floor will undergo a clean, repair, and degrease the floor before applying this
coating. Epoxy can withstand pressure from heavyweight tracks and cars. It is also resistant to
the extreme heat that vehicles produce. Besides keeping it clean, it doesn’t need too much

5. Safety

Slippery floors cause a lot of accidents, especially in a working environment. Accidents can
easily happen on an area with a lot of traffic yet has a slippery floor. It can be quite dangerous.
The best thing about epoxy floor coverage is the texture, which makes it anti-slippery.
This makes it safe to use in a garage and also a busy working environment. You can safely drive
on it, thanks to its customized texture. Installing this kind of flooring in your shop, home, or
garage makes it beautiful and safe.

6. Stain-resistant

Can you imagine the kind of mess that floor cleaners in areas of heavy traffic have to deal with?
That’s expected, especially in garages and busy business centers. For example, garages tend to
have oil spills, which can be quite challenging to clean.

With epoxy flooring on that garage or business, this won’t be an issue anymore. This kind of
flooring is resistant to stains and spills. It doesn’t soak up any spills or oil, and this makes it easy
to clean. Consider giving that old floor in your garage an epoxy coating.

epoxy flooring in garage

Have you ever thought of selling your property? Did you know that using epoxy floor flake
chips in your garage can add more value to your home? Homeowners always recommend that
you should upgrade your home if you are planning to sell it. This makes it have a better value
and also helps you stand the rest in a competitive market.

One of the areas that most people overlook is the garage. It’s high time for you to improve
your selling point with a simple garage upgrade.

While flakes might not be that necessary, if you are looking for a long-lasting flooring solution,
it could be the best option. Besides being appealing, it also blends well with the environment.
Never feel overwhelmed about epoxy flakes flooring. You can seek professional advice from an
experienced flooring contractor and make an informed decision.