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Epoxy & Vinyl Flake Garage Floor System

Garage floor serve a multipurpose for people and can be much more than a car parking spot. Our customers are amazed by the transformation of garage floors when our team has finished the floor treatment. Allgrind services offer the best epoxy finishes in Melbourne one of our most popular is vinyl flake flooring. This is a polished fleck finish that is hard-wearing, easy to clean, slip-resistant and looks amazing. It makes a very cost-effective option for a stunning visual look and long-lasting durability. 
Vinyl flake flooring is known by many names such as; epoxy flake flooring, concrete resin coating, paint flake concrete flooring, vinyl chip flooring, metallic flakes epoxy, polished concrete flakes, decorative vinyl flakes, two-pack epoxy resin,  polymer flake flooring, decorative concrete sealing but whatever name you know it by Allgrind do it best.

If you are thinking of redoing your garage flooring speak to us for expert advice. The best garage floor finish for looks and longevity is a black and white flake finish. This decorative flake finish disguises surface dirt as well as looks visually amazing.

Why Choose Vinyl Flake Flooring for Your Garage

The benefits of vinyl flake flooring laid on the garage floor are many including;

  • Stain-resistant (oil leaks, chemicals etc)
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy surface cleaning
  • Water-resistant 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Slip-resistant
  • Industrial strength

Flake flooring is extremely hard-wearing, resistant to grease, dirt and water making it ideal for garages. Our team grind the concrete to make it smooth and patch any holes. The next step is to lay the tinted base, after this, the acrylic decorative flakes are placed then a clear coat that is scratch resistant.

In fact, epoxy flake flooring is so durable and stylish that it is used both for residential and commercial properties, cafe’s, gyms, showrooms, driveways and outdoor areas.

  • Smooth and shiny surface
  • Custom made to your desires and needs
  • Variety of colours and design options
  • Easy to clean
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Long-term results, meaning a worthwhile investment

Resurfacing Garages in Melbourne

Regardless if you need the garage in your home or workplace restored or brought back to life, we can do it for all you. We work all over Melbourne and our team have years of experience which means the best finish possible. As a family-owned and operated company we take pride in every aspect of the business from communication, using the best products available, our work on-site and of course making sure every customer gets the best results possible.

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