Concrete Polishing Cost Estimate per square metre

When it comes to establishing how much polishing your concrete is going to cost you, it is imperative that you look towards a host of factors that will contribute to the overall cost of the service. The average cost per square metre of polished concrete varies between $50 to $80. But this does not include a host of factors that can contribute to the total cost. Here at Allgrind, we will look at all these factors when it comes to estimating and calculating a quote for polished concrete floors.

  • The size of the space that has to be polished
  • The type of property that you want has polished floors. This varies as the size and access to the property is taken into account.
  • The type of concrete finish you are looking for in your floors
Concrete Polishing Cost Estimate per square meter

Polished concrete

  • Decorative finishes
  • Garage Industrial finishes
  • Themed finishes
  • Grind and seal acrylic polished concrete
  • Acid etching

The type of exposure that you want from your concrete floors (if any)

  • Full exposure concrete floor finish
  • Random exposure concrete floor finish
  • Burnished concrete floor finish
  • Nil and minimal exposure

Use of the latest equipment and technology for the process. Each type of finish and floor might require different equipment.

The hours of labour and the cost of labour for the processes.

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