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Epoxy flooring is a different type of floor coating material which is becoming increasingly popular. Epoxy coating is a finishing which goes over concrete and can get used on a garage floor, internal floor or anywhere as an excellent flooring solution. Once the concrete floor has gotten smoothed and prepared, a resin along with a hardening chemical get mixed. This mix creates a chemical reaction which turns the mixture into a hard plastic floor over a few short days. This mixture then gets poured over the concrete as a floor coating to harden, and more layers get applied, which means an epoxy resin is created. The reason for epoxy floor coating is to make the flooring robust, stain-resistant and extremely durable. Epoxy floor coating is a popular choice for garage floors, industrial environments but is also becoming used more inside domestic homes in rooms like the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Floor epoxy coatings are most commonly used for industrial flooring like the garage floor, or a factory as the coating gets applied over the concrete floor. The epoxy coating creates a smooth and durable surface which lasts for many years and particularly holds heavy loads and helps maintain safe conditions for equipment and workers as well.

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Epoxy Flake Flooring

Epoxy resin is becoming a popular flooring solution for homes because of its durability and aesthetically pleasing finish as it creates a smooth and shiny surface which will brighten up any room large or small. It’s a safe compound for a home and can also create the feel and look of marble while maintaining the durability of concrete.

Flake flooring is getting used more frequently on a garage floor because it creates a vibrant and colourful look as well as producing a surface with narrow grooves which reduce slips and falls. Flake epoxy coating is an excellent choice for garages because of its durability and toughness thanks to its textured finish. It makes a floor which has a high level of resistance for protecting tools, machinery and all types of vehicles. Flake epoxy flooring is also highly resistant to chips or damages on the surface, and it’s also non-slip, cleans easily, allergin and germ-free and affordable compared to other floor coatings. It’s also straightforward to install and can go over all concrete new and old, and it’s a brilliant choice if you’re looking at concrete resurfacing.

Keen for a durable and non-slip,non-chip epoxy floor garage? If so, then contact the team at Allgrind today.

The Positives Of Epoxy Flooring In Your Home

Epoxy floor coatings are the best way to protect diverse types of surfaces as a defensive layer. They are manufactured to be durable and long-lasting. Due to its toughness, epoxy is suitable in areas that have heavy wear and tear, such as warehouses, factory floors, workshops, garages and retail stores. Due to our extensive colour range, epoxy coatings can be used to brighten up and complement any surroundings. You might be thinking what is so popular about these type of floors? This is what happens when you get epoxy flooring in your property:

  • Durability for years to come

Epoxy flooring creates a surface that is durable and lasts a long time which means it will stay in place for many years. Epoxy flooring offers tough and hard-wearing surfaces which stand the test of time for heavy items, foot and vehicle traffic and cracks or breaks.

  • Dust-free environment

Yes, that’s right. Dust won’t stick to epoxy flooring, which means a lot less sweeping and maintenance of the floors, saving you a lot of time when cleaning.

  • Low maintenance for years to come

Once epoxy flooring is in place, it stays there. It’s durability also means that there are less likely events of chipping or cracking so you won’t need small fixes of the surface.

  • Saving you plenty of money

With its affordability and durability, you’ll save money in the long run because epoxy flooring is easy to keep clean, lasts years and it stays in place with less damage to the area from heavy items than other surfaces. So, it reduces the costs of needing to replace your floor surfaces.

  • Slip-resistant so safe for everyone to use

Epoxy flooring offers enhanced safety which means it makes an excellent surface for industrial areas, kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Easy to clean (oil, chemicals etc.)

It’s durable and easy to clean, resists stains from water and oils, so you’ll save a lot of time on the maintenance of the surface.

  • Make plain concrete look more attractive

It creates a shiny and beautiful looking surface which brightens up any area.

Our Team is Ready To Deliver Epoxy Floors To Everyone In Melbourne

When it comes to epoxy floors, you can understand why so many businesses – and even homes – would like to have them. The epoxy coating creates a brilliant fake flooring look, and at Allgrind, we have the collection and variety for you. We will implement and install the epoxy floor you want for your home. When it comes delivering the best in epoxy flooring service in Melbourne, Allgrind is the experts for you.

How much does epoxy flooring cost?

The total cost of epoxy floor coating depends on various factors such as the size of the area which you want it applied on, the type of epoxy material you require and the condition of your floor. The quote gets based on the floor preparation and then the application. Epoxy floor coating costs anywhere from $3 to $12 per square metre and then there are installation and labour costs on top of that.

Contact our friendly team at Allgrind today and speak to our experts. Let us give you a quote for the area you want the coating installed.

Want The Experts In Epoxy Flooring? Allgrind Can Provide You With The Complete Package:

  • Professional service that delivers results
  • Years of experience in handling epoxy floors
  • Catered service that covers all your requirements
  • Affordable price
  • Friendly team that treats with family-like respect and honesty

And this is why people come to Allgrind for their epoxy floor needs – they know that we can deliver the complete and best service in Melbourne. We can work on all types of floors, in all kinds of properties – residential and commercial – throughout Melbourne. Once you ask for our help, we commit to you from start to finish.

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