Are you planning to do a garage makeover and wondering which could be the best floor coating? Looking for the best garage coating 2021 can be a tedious task.

Most people, just like you, are always looking for something better to coat their garage floor. This post offers you guidance on how to choose the best garage coating.

Let’s find out!

Tips for choosing the best garage epoxy floor

 When it’s time to have a total overhaul of that crumbling garage floor, you need a lasting solution. There are various coatings for garages, each with their upsides and downsides. The following tips should help you choose the best option.

·         Durability

How long is the coating going to last? A good garage coating is the one that lasts for years. An average vehicle can weigh about 4000 pounds. Consider determining whether your garage floor can withstand the number of activities it will be subjected to with such a weight.

Will it remain intact and have its finish after heavy traffic? Durable coating can withstand this for several years before starting to fade and crack.


·         Level of maintenance

 All types of garage coatings need proper maintenance to last long. It would be best to choose a floor coating that will give you an easy time to clean. This means that even if your garage floor gets spills, it can still be easy to clean it without struggling. It shouldn’t be a coating that might affect the finish of the floor after cleaning.


·         The reputation of the manufacturer

Sometimes you might buy products based on views of other customers after using them. It’s therefore crucial to find out reviews about that floor coating and make an informed decision. Find out more information about the manufacturer and what people are saying about their products. 


·         Desired appearance

How would you like the garage floor coating to look like? You need to get a modern garage coating with multiple colours like epoxy coating. This will help you improve your garage’s aesthetics, thanks to its wide range of colours that you can choose from.

For the best results, you also need help from a professional from purchasing the coating to applying it. Otherwise, unless you are an experienced professional, doing it yourself might not give you the best results.

With these tips, you should be able to choose the best garage coating. Now let’s have a look at some types of garage coating.

Types of garage floor coating

 It’s essential to analyze several types of garage flooring coating so that you can select the right one. Here are some examples of garage coating you might want to know.

·         Polyaspartic floor coating

This type of floor coating has professional-grade materials applied with trained contractors using specialized equipment. It is quite durable because it penetrates deep in the concrete. It’s impermeable against chemicals, water, among other things that might destroy the floor.

·         Epoxy floor coating

 Epoxy floor coating is one of the modern flooring solutions that most garages use. It works best since the surface lasts long and can withstand heavy-duty activities. This type of coating also offers your garage a modern look that is aesthetically appealing. Even though this is among the best long-term flooring solutions, it needs enough floor preparation before applying it.

·         Concrete resurfacer

If you are looking for a different garage floor option, concrete resurfacer might serve you well. This concrete comprises a mixture of polymer materials, Portland cement, and sand. With its components, it renews the floor giving it a new look. While it provides the floor with better appearance, its coating is slightly thinner than that of epoxy.

·         Garage floor tiles

These are interlocking floor tiles that you can use on your garage floor. This option could be great if you are planning to fix an unattractive garage surface. This type of floor coating is excellent if you would like to upgrade your garage floor. The only issue with this type of flooring is that it won’t solve problems related to garage floor degradation. However, it prevents further damage to the garage surface.

Other types of garage flooring include floor sealer, garage floor coverings, floor patching, floor paint, and floor stain.


Our recommendation of best garage floor coating

It’s evident that there are many types of garage floor coating available. However, you need to choose the best depending on factors like durability and aesthetic appearance.

For this reason, we highly recommend the epoxy chip flooring but best known as flake flooring. It’s our best garage floor covering because it is very durable and also appealing. It transforms your garage, making it new and attractive.