Concrete flooring is expected to take off in 2018, not only for commercial buildings but residential ones as well.  The idea of concrete flooring in a residential environment may seem strange, but it does have some practical uses and fantastic benefits.

Finished correctly, concrete flooring provides functionality and style no matter what you need it for.  Here are just a few reasons we think concrete flooring is going to grow rapidly in the coming year.

Commercial and Residential Use

Concrete is typically used in commercial spaces if used inside, and outside uses are virtually limitless.  From garages to car parks, you’ll find concrete in many different spaces.  However, interior residential uses are becoming increasingly popular.  Concrete gives your home a modern appeal, with many kitchens and living rooms introducing concrete as a flooring option.


Not only can it be very stylish, it allows you to change the flooring in your home very easily by simply adding decorative rugs or changing the colour of the concrete.

Concrete is Versatile

Concrete is one of the best flooring options if you’re looking for something that can easily be adapted to your space.  It has a wide range of finish options and holds colour well, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to change your space if you’re wanting a redesign in the future.  

Rather than having to completely change your floor type when you want to switch up the look of your space, you can simply refinish your existing concrete, saving time and money on renovations.

Upkeep is a Breeze

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance flooring option, concrete is a fantastic option.  Unlike carpeting or even hardwood flooring, concrete has minimal upkeep requirements.  Simply washing the floor in regular intervals is all you need.  

No more deep-cleaning services like you’d need for carpet or specialised wood treatments for hardwood floors.  Simply mopping the floor a few times a month is a simple and effective way to maintain your concrete floors.

Cost Effective

Compared to other flooring options, concrete is incredibly inexpensive.  Not only does it look fantastic, it’ll save you a lot of money in flooring and upkeep costs.  Even with specialised finishes, you’re going to be surprised at how inexpensive concreted is as a flooring option.

Whether you’re looking for help with a new build, a renovation, or repairs to your existing concrete flooring, let our team of experts give you the concrete flooring you deserve.

Long Lasting

Concrete floors are known to last much longer than any other flooring option available.  If you’re looking for something durable and stylish, concrete is right for you.  With upkeep and maintenance, you can expect to never have to replace your concrete floors.  Repairs may be necessary, but full replacements typically aren’t required unless you’re looking for something completely new.

Paired with the already low cost, concrete flooring is more than worth the investment.  You get a stunning floor that is versatile enough to adapt to any space and you know it’s going to last a long time.

How Can We Help?

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There’s no project too large or too small.  We offer epoxy flooring servicesconcrete overlays, repairs, theme floors and so much more.  Our team has the skill and expertise to exceed your flooring expectations.  Regardless of what your project is, contact us today to see how we can help you!