Which is better – painting the garage floor or epoxy?


If you are a homeowner, it’s a good idea to do something about protecting your garage floor so that it can last longer and look better. These days garages are often used for more than car parking, they can be home gyms, home studios or utilized for extra spaces like laundry or food storage.  A floor coating is crucial as it increases the durability of your floor and gives it a better aesthetic value. It’s important for garage floors to be sturdy so that they can withstand wear and tear due to the amount of traffic they get. For this reason, you might be wondering which could be the best products to protect your floor.


What are garage floor coatings and what are their functions?


These are coatings essential in protecting the garage floor from tyre marks and stains. Despite the availability of several coating options, epoxy and garage floor coatings stand out to be the most trusted. But they have advantages and shortcomings as well. Epoxy floor coating and garage paint have proved to be very reliable with value for your money. But they are very different – epoxy flake flooring is much more reliable as it includes grinding the concrete and a two system top coat. 



What is Epoxy floor coating?


The epoxy coating comprises two components; polyamine hardener and epoxy resin. You can have either clear or coloured epoxy. For the coloured ones, you need to apply the colour to the epoxy resin. Naturally, the two components provide a hard surface that perfectly protects your concrete floor from stains like oil and grease. Allgrind recommends our garage flake flooring which is a finish that has flakes and a top coating that hides dust and looks fantastic. 


For quality results, it is good to use a professional and hire an epoxy specialist to do the work for quality results. It is a cost-effective finish and we can give you an idea of the price over the phone.


What are the advantages of an epoxy coating over normal floor paint for your garage?


The difference is obvious in that epoxy paint provides a durable finish to your garage floors than the normal floor paint. It also offers a longer-lasting and superior outlook that you will be impressed with. If you want to achieve maximum durability of epoxy paint, get a professional to apply it. You won’t fall into the trap of cheap paint that will soon take you to square one.


Epoxy flake floor system includes grinding and patching the concrete floor so it is even and ready for coating. Whereas garage floor paint could just be as simple as painting the existing concrete floor. Garage flooring needs preparation of the concrete – more than just cleaning. Simply painting latex paint on your garage floor will not improve the durability and may even highlight the existing imperfections in the concrete slab. 


Melbourne Garage Floor Specialists


Epoxy flooring with flakes is our most popular garage floor job. We travel across Melbourne to new homes and older homes – the flake flooring looks amazing no matter the style and age of your home. We can give you a guide price over the phone – it’s very affordable for such a great finish in look and durability. Call us now! 

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