What is Flake Flooring?


Flake flooring is a durable and popular category of epoxy flake flooring used to decorate and protect garage floors. You can find these flakes in different colours and sizes on the upper part of an epoxy base coat. The flake floor coating is stain resistant, great for high traffic areas and easy to clean thanks to the top coat flooring system.


How do you apply epoxy flake flooring?

DIY can be the easiest and cheapest option, but it is not always the best. A specialist will make sure the floor is correctly prepared and then the final product has done well. If your garage floor is patchy and the concrete uneven or cracked – it must be fixed before epoxy flooring and flakes are laid. We use professional grinders and equipment to get the best garage flooring.  


Here are steps to follow if you want to apply it on your own:




This step will determine the penetration of epoxy paints to the concrete and will make sure that the coatings you applied later are even and last longer.


  • Apply a sealer or primer


You are applying it because it is a universal bond between the epoxy paint and the concrete.


  • Apply the epoxy coat.


Two-pack tinted epoxy paint is essential because it creates a bond with the primer coat.


  • Flake broadcasting


Depending on your desired outcome, you can now broadcast coloured flakes on top of the epoxy layer either densely or sparsely.


  • Apply the clear topcoat.


To achieve a scratch-resistant durable coat, apply two clear coats of polyurethane paint that will crown it all. 


How much does it cost to apply flake flooring?

You need to consider two things when budgeting for a flake floor garage. These are the size of the floor and the condition of the floor at the time of service. It will be prudent for you to get a professional to inspect the state of the floor and factor in everything before you start the project. When you do this, you will factor in preparing all the cracks, bumps and stains in the concrete before the final layout.


What are the benefits of flake flooring?


Garages and warehouses flooring have heavy traffic and a lot of activities. The epoxy flakes offer these areas the protection they deserve and on top of that – beauty. You are at liberty to choose your desired colour to suit your desired purpose because they come in different colours, texture and sizes.

If you want to upgrade your old concrete floor, flake flooring is the best option that comes with durability and improves appearance. There is much benefit from such upgrades because scratch, stain and chemical corrosion will be unheard of. It provides a smooth, seamless application because you can apply with no joints.


How should you care for your flake floor?


Although epoxy and flake flooring is known to be durable, taking some care of them makes them last longer. You can follow the tips below to ensure the longevity of your flake flooring.

  • Clean the spills regularly. Although the coating is water-resistant, you can also minimize wear and tear by taking care of spills immediately.


  • Be prompt to fix any damage to avoid further mess.


  • Allow the newly installed floor to acquire hardness for not less than 24hrs. 


  • Clean the floor with gentle mops and detergents


Allgrind is Melbourne garage flooring specialists, if your garage floors or commercial space needs a cost effective epoxy coating with decorative flakes then call us for a quote. Our epoxy floor system is long-lasting and easy to maintain – call us now.