Tips to sealing concrete floor surface the right way 

This is the age of DIY projects and one of the most common jobs that everyone wants to do is seal their concrete floors. But too many people don’t do it properly and end up causing a mess. That is why we have listed down some valuable tips for you to seal your concrete floors the right way.


  • Clean the whole concrete floor. This process will see you kick off your project, by sweeping, washing, mopping and drying your concrete floors. You want a clean floor before you start the serious work.

  • Make sure the concrete is all smooth and flat. If you are noticing that your concrete floors need the gaps filled, look towards getting it completed by a professional. It would be unwise to get your floors sealed if they are not level.

  • Get the best products available. Remember that these are your concrete floors and you should want to get it sealed with the best quality products. They will last longer, and will enhance the quality of your floors.

  • Get the right equipment for your floors. You are going to need the right tools and equipment if you want to seal your floors the right way. Speak to tradesmen or a professional for some sound advice.

  • Apply the sealer evenly and take your time. There is no need to rush with your project. Make sure that the sealer is evenly spread across the concrete floors to ensure that it will hold firm properly.

  • Give it 24 hours to dry. Don’t rush, just wait until the sealer has settled before walking on it again. Get a dehumidifier if you want to speed up the process.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to execute the perfect concrete floor sealing plan. If you want some help with the project, reach out and contact the team of experts here at Allgrind.