8 Common Misconceptions about Epoxy

Any business or home needs the best flooring that not only looks awesome but lasts long. An epoxy coating is all you need to achieve this. This is the type of surface that can last many years and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

For example, it is resistant to debris, oils, and chemicals, something that cement is not resilient to if not treated over time. However, there have been some myths about the epoxy floor coatings.

Let’s look at them to help you save your money and time when shopping.

1. It’s hard to maintain epoxy flooring

Some people think that floors made of epoxy might need special care since it’s a bit costly compared to other cheap flooring options. However, this is not true because the epoxy coating is resistant to dents and stains.
You, therefore, don’t need to exercise any special care. You should sweep and clean it regularly in case of spills or dirt.

2. It’s not a must to upgrade a garage

There are people who think that upgrading a garage is not worth their investment. They don’t view the garage as an essential place in their home or company since it’s just meant for parking cars.

Your garage is much more than just a parking spot. It can have a multitude of uses from a home gym, rec space, workshop or even home office. Others also view this type of flooring as too expensive.

When you think about epoxy coating in the long run, you will realise that it helps you save a lot. It’s attractive and lasts longer, saving you from doing repairs now and then.

3. The epoxy coating doesn’t require professional installation

There’s this misconception that you can upgrade your garage coating with the epoxy coating without professional help. Unless you are a professional, you might not know the quality equipment needed to do this. This coating needs to be installed well so that it can last longer.

Most DIY epoxy floors become pale quickly compared to the professional-grade ones. Professionals know the techniques needed to prepare a concrete surface.

This, in turn, makes the layers bond well. Besides the professional skills required, the experience is also crucial, and most have done this for many years. The prep required beforehand is essential p from grinding the concrete and patching it. It’s not as simple as just pouring on a tin of epoxy!

4. Does Epoxy need recoating a lot?

Once you apply epoxy coating on your floor, you don’t need to reapply it after a few years, as a few people think. This is a different type of flooring coating since it is meant to last. That’s the reason why it’s slightly costly compared to other available options. This coating can withstand all types of bleaches and might, therefore, last at least up to 10 years.

5. Paint can work as good as an epoxy coating

You might achieve the exact appearance as that of epoxy when you apply it on the floor. However, there’s a huge difference between these two elements. Paint and epoxy are different in terms of offering protection to the surface.

Paint can safeguard the concrete from chemical stains and abrasions. Epoxy is different because when you apply, it creates a resin coating, which is quite durable to protect your surface. Epoxy protects from dents and scratches and keeps the floor looking clean and sparkling.

6. Epoxy flooring is slippery

Epoxy offers an attractive shiny finish, and some people think that this might cause it to be slippery. However, this is not the case because it is anti-slip, thanks to its raised bumps. For this reason, most industrial buildings and high traffic businesses prefer using it in their garages.

Other commercial buildings like hospitals and banks also use an epoxy coating to prevent their staff from slipping off.

7. Paint works like epoxy coating

Paint on your garage coating might cause it to offer the same appearance as that of epoxy coating. However, there’s a lot of difference between the two.

Unlike paint, epoxy coating is resistant to moisture and heavy-duty. It cannot wear off when exposed to too much humidity and other substantial duty activities like paint.

8. You can only apply epoxy coating on new concrete floors

Unfortunately, there has been a misconception that epoxy coating is only meant for new buildings. This is not true because you can apply it on both new and old, and still get excellent results. Epoxy is great because it hides all imperfections on the floor and appears new again.

There have been many myths about epoxy flooring. While it offers a tough finish on your floor, it also provides attractive final results. Ignore such misunderstandings and install epoxy coating in your garage. All you need is to get professional assistance in installing it, and you won’t regret it.

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