What You Need To Know About Concrete Overlay.

Do you want to cover up the old, broken look of your concrete floors? If you do, then you might be after the popular option of concrete overlays. When it comes to turning your old concrete floors into something stunning and new, then concrete floors is what you need. But before you jump the gun, here are a few things you need to know when it comes to concrete overlays.


What is concrete overlays?
This process involves the application of a solid and strong cement-based coating over concrete floors. Once the floors are ready and set, your professional will apply the overlay over the old concrete floors. This process will strengthen the floors, add another layer of protection, all the while being strong, durable and resistance to chemical spills, traffic and impacts. There is also the added benefit of an array of multiple design options to choose from. This leads us to key things regarding concrete overlays.

  • The materials.
    Concrete overlays are usually made of a blend of aggregates, cements and polymer resins. When combining these all together, you get the complete package that is concrete overlays.

  • The preparation.
    You will need to restore and repair your old floors if you want it to be overlayed. By filling up concrete cracks and holes, you would have properly prepared your old floors for the new overlays.

  • It can be applied anywhere.
    Regardless of the type of concrete floor you want to overlay – inside or outside – this process will make the difference. It can be applied anywhere and to great effect. This is why so many people request it.

  • The options are yours.
    When it comes to the decorative side of concrete overlays, there are no issues at all, as you will get a wide array of choices. You can choose from all different types of colours, designs and styles, so that you get the concrete floors you want.