Our Types of Final Polished Concrete Floor Exposure

When it comes to enjoying polished concrete, you will have the luxury of a choice with Allgrind’s list of final exposures. Each exposure is different each other, all with their own styles and properties. Each one will work differently for each property, and that is why we are providing you with the options. We believe that everyone should be entitled to the exposure their floor deserves. Our list of polished concrete final exposures include:

allgrind polished concrete exposure types

Full Exposure Concrete Floor Finish

This process will see your floors reach the maximum level of exposure. In this case, you will see the pebbles and stones that make up the concrete floors. You will get a lovely mix of colours, consisting of the pebbles and rock themselves, as well as the coloured concrete that you want. This is a very popular finish for many different types of properties throughout Melbourne.

Random Exposure Concrete Floor Finish

This type of finish sees a mixture of two other finishes: full exposure with minimal exposure. While that might sound illogical, it makes sense. This process will see the concrete floors a mixture of full and minimal exposure to create a distinct broken look. A very different option compared to the more common finishes.

Burnished Concrete Floor Finish

This process is more commonly associated with heavy duty workplaces and industrial areas. This is due to the fact that burnished finishes means that the floors are layered with extra sealers to create a surface that is strong against marks and stains. At the same time, it has a glossy finish that is designed to leave the impression that it fashionable as well as durable and strong.

Nil and Minimal Exposure Concrete Floor Finish

This type of exposed floor is also known as “salt and pepper” finish, which mostly consists of a smooth surface and a few pebbles. This is the cleanest and smoothest looking type of concrete exposure finish that professionals can create. If you are looking to have slick surface, then this is for you.