Commercial Epoxy Floors vs. Residential Epoxy Floors!

Where does commercial epoxy differ from residential epoxy flooring? It is one of the most common questions that people ask. Is there any difference? Is one better than the other or the other way around? Well, as experts in the field of epoxy floors, we break down the essential attributes that bring together and separate commercial and residential epoxy flooring: 

The Similarities

While there are differences, most of the same processes and materials are used for both commercial and residential epoxy floors. The premise and execution are the same, but the differences come from the little things that – such as the usage and extra protection required depending on the property. But we will discuss that more in detail below.

The Differences

The key reason that commercial epoxy floors are different from residential floors is due to the usage. In the workplace, especially those in high-use warehouses and intense workplaces, these companies work around the clock and use their floors daily. This means that the floors endure a high amount of foot traffic and require the durability to withstand the traffic as well as any falls or accidents. 

This is why so many commercial enterprises use a sealant and extra coating to make the floor thicker and more hardened to protect it from high traffic or heavy equipment damaging the floor. Also, they are more inclined to use epoxy coatings with non-slip additives to give the floor more traction and helps prevent slipping.

Residential epoxy floors are different because of the amount of usage. Unless you install it in a garage – where you’ll need the extra protection – most residential epoxy coatings don’t have the added strength compared to commercial coatings. However, you can convert commercial epoxy coatings to residential floors if you see fit. 

How To Get These Floors? 

The best way to get epoxy floors installed in your workplace or your home is to should look to speak to a professional. Experts like All Grind can help you make the right decision so that you can get the perfect floors for your home or workplace. So when it comes to getting your epoxy floors installed and polished by the best team in Melbourne, contact All Grind today. We will provide you with the complete epoxy floor service so that your floors are perfect in every way. Speak to our team!