Polished Concrete Melbourne

Why settle for an outdated process when you can be the proud owner of a revolutionary flooring system? The market is changing and the flooring industry is making fast moves into the polished business. Polished concrete is rapidly gaining popularity in the upmarket society because of its various advantages like low maintenance and reasonable pricing. Almost any structurally sound concrete floor whether new or old can be polished.

The Complete Concrete Polishing Package.

Allgrind has the complete polished concrete service for you. We can return your old concrete floors back to its premium best. We will do it all for you to ensure that you are able to walk on the quality floors that your business – and your home – deserves.

Advantages of Allgrind concrete polishing

  • Maintenance – Polished concrete does not hold dirt, dust, germs or other substances the way that carpet does. It’s very easy to clean, just sweep and mop.

  • Durability – Polished concrete floors are durable and strong, they don’t dent or warp the way that timber floors can and they won’t stain or suffer moisture damage.

  • Cost – Rather than pay for the concrete subfloor and the finish material, one can eliminate the cost of carpet, tiles or other floor coverings. Unlike other flooring products concrete floors will last for decades with no need for replacement, making them the most cost effect choice over time.