Types of Concrete Floor Finishes

We here at Allgrind understand the importance of having different types of concrete floor finishes. That is why we have ensured that everyone who enquires our concrete floor services, get the opportunity to choose the finish they want for their property. Our list of concrete floor finishes include the following popular options:

types of concrete polishing finishes

Polished Concrete Finish.

Perhaps one of the most popular and most requested concrete floor finishes available. The aim of this finish is to provide a clean, shiny and durable feeling for all types of concrete floors. With an array of colours, decorative finishes and styles, you can get your floors polished in any particular way. With Allgrind, you can enjoy the likes of:

  • Decorative finishes (can be styled and created in all forms)
  • Garage & Industrial finishes (designed for a durable and long-lasting floors that require extra strength)
  • Themed finishes (particular themes that suit your workplace or property)

Grind & Seal Acrylic Finish.

When it comes to giving your old concrete floors are least of life, the grind and seal approach works best for you. The idea behind this process involves the floor being grinded down a level and then applied with an acrylic seal. This will leave the floor looking shiny and back to its best, thanks to a stronger and shiner surface.

Acid Etching.

For a fantastic way to bring your concrete floors to life, acid etching is the solution for you. The process involves washing the concrete floors with acid, that opens up its pores and smooths out any potential bumps. By the end of this process, you will end with a smooth, sand-like concrete floor. You should look to this process if you want to have your concrete floors brought back to life.

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